Trichologist Consultation

During a consultation with our Tricologist we will carry out a full scalp mapping and scalp analysis. Our aim is to find the best solution for any scalp or hair related issues no matter how big or small. 

What Is a Trichologist?
A trichologist is a specialist who focuses on trichology — the study of diseases or problems related to the hair and scalp, as well as their treatments. Trichology takes its name from the Greek word Trikhos, which means hair. Though trichologists are not doctors, they can advise people who are having hair-related problems, such as hair loss or scalp conditions.

What Does a Trichologist Do?
Specialists working in this field help people with issues such as hair loss, hair breakage, oily scalp and scalp psoriasis. Some trichologists can also treat problems related to conditions like alopecia and trichotillomania, or hair-pulling disorder. Trichologists examine the hair and scalp to diagnose and recommend treatment for your condition and its severity.

One of our most popular treatments is Oxygen therapy, with only a select few of these treatments available in Ireland.

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