11 Years in Business
 Sat, 19th Nov, 2022
We are proud to say we celebrate 11 Years in Business this weekend the 19th of November 2022,...

Staff's Recent Graduation's
 Sat, 22nd Oct, 2022
We think its extremely important to continuedly educate and upskill, we invest in our staff...

Midlands 103 Customer Services Awards 2022
 Thu, 20th Oct, 2022
Winner Salon of the Year 2022

Recent Award Ceremony's
 Thu, 20th Oct, 2022
Its been a busy year for us here at Cheveux Hair Salon

Chloe Dunne Hairstylist of the Year 2022
 Thu, 20th Oct, 2022
A little bit about our little chloe...

Histyle Tia Maria Awards 2022
 Mon, 25th Apr, 2022
What a Night....

 Sat, 20th Nov, 2021
We are beyond proud to be celebrating 10 years in business....

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